About Me

From the first day I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of ‘information architecture’, but only since recently decided to actively do something with that interest. Henceforth came the creation of this blog. To pursue that what interests me and to share it with the web.

Ever since I got in touch with the world wide web I’ve always been interested in what makes the web tick. Is it the technical advancement that progresses time after time? Or is it the people with their content that drive the web to make it so big? After all, we do call it the ‘world wide web’, don’t we?

Then I started thinking about how I can contribute to this multi-verse of information (siq: “The One”) and make my mark [pun intended] on this web. It’s easy, just by doing what people have always been doing since the start of the web: create content!

So that’s what I’m doing here on this part of the web that I call my own. Share my thoughts about my interests and publish my opinion of matters in the world to keep people informed and, *evil laugh*, opinionated. What’s the world without a few good and strong opinions?

Apart from these thought sharing, opinion publishing, content creating activities I’m also making the web a prettier place to look at. As my alter ego “Dapper & some” I provide web services like web design, basic web hosting and website development for small to medium sized businesses.

That basically wraps up the basic idea of why I created this website in the first place and it’ll give you an idea what keeps me busy on a daily basis. So keep reading if it interests you and if it does not, share it to your friends to bother them with it. Either way it’s going to be a win for me.