Movember Movement for Mo Bros and Sistas 2013

For the past few weeks I’ve been expecting, and attempting to convince all colleagues and friends, to join in on the Movember Movement. I’ve already had some of my colleagues join our team “Master of Moustache” and successfully follow the Movember Movement.

Movember 2013

Yesterday on Movember 1st we had our Movember shave-off party at Cut Throat Barber and came out to show the real face of men’s health. Colleagues arrived at the office clean shaven and proudly showing their bare naked face, supporting the fight against diseases like prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Proud first-time Mo Bro

I have to say I’m proud to have finally joined the Movember Movement and to support our fellow moustache friends in their quest for a better health. Last year I was about to join as well, but in the end I didn’t. This year I convinced myself, and some friends and colleagues, to finally stand on my decision and go all in with the shave and the ‘stache!

Just to shamelessly show off my participation to Movember here are some proofs.

Waiting for the Shave-Off Party to Start (pre-shave)

Just a week, or week and a half, before the shave-off I decided to not shave at all and let it all grow wild.

Status update before shave-off: Pre-shave

First Stage of the Shave-Off: Trimming

Before we start shaving we taketh off the facial hair with a buzzing trimmer.

Getting my beard trimmed

Second Stage of the Shave-Off: Shaving It All Off!

Once we have removeth the gross of the facial hair we proceed to the next: razorblade shaving.

Clean shaving my face

Final Stage of the Shave-Off: Glimmering Smoothness

As a result of preceeding steps we have, what we call, a butt naked face.

Resulting in a smooth-shaven chin

Bonus stage: Proud snapshot with Mo Bro and Sista

After you realized what just happened you can be proud with your Mo Bro and Mo Sista.

Pride all around with Mo Bro and Mo Sista

Special Goody Bag Video Submission

Especially for those who have no idea what Movember is, or where the moustache comes from even, here’s a surprise submission video from great actor and moustache president Nick Offerman.

Movember 2013 Proud Mo Grower

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