Flickrheist: More Like Borrowing Photos

Everybody wants to have some pretty pictures on their website, especially big ones and pretty ones. But not everyone can make beautiful pictures or wants to buy some off of a stock images platform…

Curiosity doesn't kill cats

Every day we are doing our thing and for the most of us it’s becoming a routine that repeats itself day after day after day. We get so familiar with what we do that we start to take it all for granted. Up to the point that we don’t even notice it at all anymore. From that point on it’s all just auto-pilot driving us. It all just whooshes past and it’s just another insignificant decoration to our day.

Movember Movement for Mo Bros and Sistas 2013

For the past few weeks I’ve been expecting, and attempting to convince all colleagues and friends, to join in on the Movember Movement. I’ve already had some of my colleagues join our team “Master of Moustache” and successfully follow the Movember Movement.

Starting the day with an adventure

Nothing goes as it usually does. Everything has changed differently than before. Even the normal walking route you take to work everyday has changed because of that one thing that was different today.

'Sprinter' vs. 'Stoptrein'

Back in the day when I was still studying Art & Design I had to take the train from Tilburg to Boxtel every day back and forth. At that time they called this kind of train a ‘Stoptrein’. Literally translated to English as ‘stop train’. Of course this doesn’t mean the train never moves, or always stops, but it would just stop at every single station it goes through. It’s counterpart would be the ‘Intercity’, which would only stop at the bigger cities worthy of it stopping by. But I’m not going to talk about the ‘Intercity’, but about the difference of the train ‘Stoptrein’. Now being called a ‘Sprinter’.